Monday, May 26, 2008


I can teach you how to correctly predict the outcome of a throw of the dice before they are rolled on a Craps Table. All with documented, winning, results!

How would you like to stay and play in the finest hotels, dine in the most exquisite restaurants and shop in the most exclusive boutiques throughout the world? If you are like most people your answer is a resounding YES! That is quickly followed by a “Please show me how!” Now you can, and have the lifestyle you deserve. I can show you how!

Let’s be honest, it is extremely exciting being inside a billion dollar hotel
and casino with all its ambiance and glitz. I love it and so do millions of
other people like you and I.

I have invented and copyrighted winning strategies in the game of
Craps. When implemented correctly will make you a lot of money and
solve many of your problems that pertain to having or owing money! I
have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours putting together this unusual
book. It works consistently because I critiqued every concept personally in
the hundreds of casinos that I have played at throughout the world.

Developing new and never before seen concepts on how to win at the
game of Craps has not been easy. These concepts will revolutionize the
way you play and wager at the game of Craps.

In experimental trials that I have conducted over the span of 13 years,
the procedures revolve around correlating numbers that will be seen
before they are rolled. That’s right!

I have developed many different concepts that win 84% - 97% of the
time. I have had win ratios as high as 100% for short periods of time. If
used properly a person could make a minimum of $500 a day (depending
on how much you wager), all documented and verifiable!

Everything you learn from me comes from actually playing in the
casinos. You won’t find any assumptions or conjectures like you see in 95%
of all of the other books that are offered on this topic in the market today.
Plus, all of my procedures are very easy to learn!

What person has not dreamt of the lifestyle I am talking about? I am
tired of watching 99% of all people lose their hard-earned money, because
they don’t know how to win. Be part of the 1% of people that win!

I started looking at numbers and this is exactly what the game of Craps
is made up of: numbers and the correlation between the first number and
the last number and every number in between. That will decide whether
or not you are going to win or lose, it is really that simple. Think about it,
if you knew what numbers were likely to come up ahead of time. Do you
understand how powerful that is or could be? I can show you how!

I have been correlating numbers in just this way for years and I have
found a pattern, yes a pattern that if played and bet structurally will
make you a lot of money. I repeat “if played and bet structurally!”

I have been developing these procedures for 13 years and I have found
and invented an entirely new way of playing the game of Craps. It will
work in and on any Craps game in the world. I have used this program to
win money in over 100 different casinos throughout the world.
All Material Within Is Copyright Protected By The Owner of The 5th Element Factor.
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